Friday, February 1, 2008

Did I mention...

...that, among other things, I happen to be of First Nations heritage on my maternal grandfather's side?

I mention this, because it gives me some rationale for linking to this.

To this day I have almost very little knowledge of what Grandpa's life was really like growing up. Not one to talk politics, I also have little idea what he would have thought about the residential schools settlement. Or what he would have thought about Archbishop Lavoie suggesting that the priests and laypersons who worked in those schools were victims of...long working hours.

I know what I think though.

I think somebody needs to do a little extra praying.

(btw I realize this post represents yet another departure for this magnificently disjointed and unfocused blog. Among other things it's not about hockey. Or Bouchard-Taylor. Sorry. Stuff happens. I'll get around to these items someday.)