Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick Shout-out...

To Lori of Fresh Fish Daily, for her kind words elsewhere on this site.

I'm also happy to pass along my best wishes in her ongoing boycott of Starbucks. I wish her well in her hunt for bean alternatives.

Personally I don't do Starbucks. But then again, paying anything more than a buck for a cup of coffee is enough to rile my sense of moral indignation, that is to say, cheapness. Still, fair trade coffee has been an issue of interest to me since university, and Starbucks needs to take care to ensure that what probably sounded to them like a great idea from an image and corporate social responsibility standpoint doesn't undermine the fair trade movement with its methods.

I am happy to report that I did not buy my copy of Memory Almost Full from a Starbucks outlet. I got it off ITunes.

And speaking of Memory Almost Full, a review is forthcoming.

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