Monday, June 16, 2008


Back again.

Been spending most of my time joining in the fun on the comment scrolls of macleans, which (according to my stats) generated a very small volume of new traffic to this forgotten, dusty site.

Not going to do the pro forma negligent blogger grovel this time (I think I've done it twice already). Too much exciting stuff is happening to waste time allowing in self-pity. The inspiration of the Obama candidacy down south. The prospect of a meaningful election, fought over issues that will define the future of our economy and the environment. The long-promised, oft-missed, and finally arrived (albeit in small steps) revolution of Canadian journalism via the web.

I want desperately to engage in this new world of interactive democracy and citizen journalism. I'm 29, I'm a professional with a marriage and a mortgage and life, and I care about what's happening. I sometimes feel terrific frustration at the things I can't/won't do in this realm due to the choices I've made in my professional life. I'm left to find ways in which I can engage without betraying my professional commitments. I promised myself early on in this blog experiment that I would walk the line. Thus far I think (hope) that I have. I'll do my damndest to keep it up. But that doesn't mean shutting up.

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