Thursday, September 4, 2008

River-in-Egypt Alert

I just spent 5 excrutiating hours watching speeches by Romney (yawn), Huckabee (nice guy, needs a speechwriter), Rudy (you must forgive Homer....), and finally Sarah Palin (nasty good with the zingers).

And now I can't sleep. Shoulda known.

It was almost nostalgic to see them ranting on and on (and in Rudy's case at least, on and on and on...holy cow) about elite media, Hollywood celebrities, and left wing intellectuals (or as Dubya prefers , angry liberals). Nixon and Reagan would have been proud, George 41 probably felt right at home. And I'm sure it played very well in some quarters, and the narrative meshes nicely with the ringer that Palin and her family have been put through over the past week.

But it just seemed a little strange, I thought as I gave up with the tossing in bed, got up, grabbed a drink and booted up the computer, that these guys really seem to sincerely believe they can win the election by pissing on George Clooney and Maureen Dowd.

So I ask.

  • Who sent the US Army into Iraq on false pretenses - left wing intellectuals, or the Republican gang of George W. Bush and John McCain?
  • Who botched federal oversight of emergency programming post-Katrina - elite media, or the Republican gang of George W. Bush and John McCain?
  • Who sat idly by while banks and mortgage brokers and securities regulators converted American people's homes into Monopoly money and flushed down the toilet - Hollywood celebrities, or the Republican gang of George W. Bush and John McCain?
  • Do they really think they can get away with passing off America's problems on everybody except the guys who've been running the place for the past eight years?
Call me an angry liberal if you want. Personally I prefer left wing intellectual. Whatever. I'm going back to bed.


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